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MountainWorld Productions

Challenging people. Inspiring change.

Does your organization have a mountain to climb?

Are there seemingly insurmountable obstacles between you and your goals and objectives?

Does your team need an inspirational message to find the strength to climb onward?

Would you like your next meeting or event to be something other than the standard affair, and something people will talk about for years to come?

We all have an Everest...Jake Norton will help you climb yours.

Jake Norton - professional climber, guide photographer, and motivational speaker - has spent most of his life helping people attain the seemingly impossible and reach their personal and professional summits.

Whether leading thousands of clients up mountains like Rainier, McKinley, Cho Oyu, and Everest, or his instrumental role in the 1999 discovery of pioneer climber George Mallory's remains high on Mount Everest, Jake has overcome massive obstacles reach his summits, and to get people to the their summits.

In front of audiences - from senior executives at Ford Motor to the national sales team at Philips to the Million Dollar Round Table agents for Max New York Life - Jake shares his experiences from Everest and elsewhere, inspiring people to reach beyond the simple goals and to climb their Everest.

Jake's presentations are anything but dull. Through his emotional stories, stunning images, and powerful video footage, Jake brings audiences out of their seats and onto Everest with him. There, they laugh, cry, struggle, and learn the keys to success on all of life's mountains.

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What will you get with a keynote presentation from Jake Norton?

* Authenticity.
* Real life stories with real life messages that your audience can apply to their
* A speaker who cares about your audience, about your needs, goals, and desires. Jake will never give a "canned" presentation. Each speech is tailored through a questionnaire and follow-up conference call to address your specific problem areas, goals, and desires.
* A speaker who will arrive early, mix with your team and get to know people, deliver more than expected, and stay afterward to answer questions.
* In short, Jake Norton will help you, as the meeting planner, look great!

What won't you get from Jake Norton?

* You won't get an attitude.
* You won't get a canned presentation that has no relation to your audience and your needs.
* You won't get a speaker who arrives 10 minutes before, gives his presentation, and leaves with his check in hand.

Contact Jake Norton & MountainWorld Productions today, and take your meeting or event to the summit!

Do you want to take your meeting or event to the next level?

Do you want to inspire your team to reach the top, to overcome daunting obstacles, and to have a recipe for success on all of life's mountains?

If so, please contact us today to see how Jake Norton can make your next event an event to remember!

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